The main focus of our church ministries is to bring honor and glory to God.  To bring glory to God means to give the right opinion of God.  We want our church attenders, as well as members of our surrounding communities to know the God of the Bible.  Within the church, it is our desire to "educate" our people in the truths found in God's Word.  We want individuals as well as families to draw close to the Lord and mature in their relationship with Him.  It is also our desire to reach (evangelize) neighbors outside the church with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

When we consider the matter of focus within our church, the main area seems to be that of YOUTH MINISTRIES.  We understand the importance of reaching the children while they are young, and assisting them in their spiritual growth process.  At Factoryville Bible Church, we have the following ministries that are directly centered on youth:  Factoryville Christian School  (K-12th); AWANA (K-6th); Word Of Life  (7th-12th); Children's Church  (AM & PM) (K-3rd); Sunday School  (K-12th); Camp Elvin  (2nd-12th); Vacation Bible School  (K-6th); and many music ministries.

Another area of focus for our church ministries is MUSIC.  We have many talented musicians.  We have a choir that has between 25-35 members.  They share specials during our regular services, as well as performing cantatas for both Easter and Christmas.  We have vocal solos; duets; male quartets; family ensembles; instrumental specials including trumpet, flute, violin, guitar, piano, organ, trombone, cello and hand chimes.  Our music philosophy is conservative.  The special music should prepare the hearts of the listeners for the message and/or lead the congregation in worship.  It is not the desire of our musicians to bring glory to self, or just put on a good performance.

MISSIONS is another area that receives a lot of emphasis.  As a church, we support over forty different missionaries and organizations.  Many individuals within the church also support additional ministries.  Many of the young people that have grown-up in our church have gone, and are still involved with mission ministries all over the world.  Nearly 20% of our church's annual budget goes to supporting mission ministries outside of our church. 

We do also focus on the folks within.  Factoryville Bible Church has a compassionate spirit.  They seriously CARE FOR ONE ANOTHER.  When one weeps, we all weep...when one rejoices, we all rejoice...when one hurts, the whole body hurts.  Our people respond quickly to those who are in need.  Often, as the pastor, I find that by the time I arrive at the hospital, or home of someone in peril, two or three of our church families have already been on the scene.  We have church-wide care groups that openly seek to meet the needs of those hurting, but we also have many individuals that go above and beyond in their care for fellow church members.

Finally, a fun area of focus is FELLOWSHIP.  Our folks like spending time with one another.  Whether it is a regular service or a special event, our people love to visit and interact with one another.  We all need each other.  We need encouragement and edification.  We are all on the same team.  Field trips, Sunday school class parties, basketball, softball, picnics, rollerskating, and church dinners are just some of the excuses we use to fellowhip with one another.