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Special Evening Music and Challenge

"A Musical Night In Europe" will be the theme of the concert on Thursday, March 27 at 7:00 p.m. at FBC. Bruce Heffner and Alex Konya will sing about 8 special songs, and Darko Vika from Serbia will sing a special song in Serbian and briefly share the challenge in Serbia. While Bruce and Alex are singing, there will be a multi-media presentation showing the sights of highlighted European countries, especially the work that God is presently doing among the youth of these countries. Bruce will play his trumpet and sing, while Alex will play his saxophone. The program will end with a challenge to those attending to be committed to getting out the gospel in Europe and around the world. Bruce was saved as an 8 year-old boy in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. He worked with Youth for Christ in Delaware before heading out on his own in concerts and camp teaching. Forming Gospel Horn Ministeries about 10 years ago, he now continues to work with WOL and has been to Portugal, Hungary, Romania, Italy, Germany, Poland, Ukraine, and Argentina. He has 9 music albums, working with a variety of muscians from the London Symphony to the Gaither Band.

In 1990, God directed Alex and Pam Konya to serve with Word of Life and join the new team going to Hungary, the land that Alex's family came from. The Iron Curtain had just fallen, and Alex and Pam sensed a unique open door and God's leading to these former communist lands. Alex co-founded the Bible Institue there and served as the main Bible teacher and academic dean. Alex became the director of WOL Hungary in 2004. He is a noted musician and has played his saxophone throughout Hungary and Europe.

Darko Vika was born in a small town in Serbia. His wife Elizabeth is also from Serbia. He graduated from the WOL Bible Institue in Hungary, and they both were the first WOL missionaries to Serbia. Today, Darko is the director of Word of Life Serbia.

A free-will offering will be received.

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