One of the assets of Factoryville Bible Church is their music ministry.  We seem to have more than our share of wonderfully musically-talented people On any given Sunday, you could hear a mens quartet; ladies duets; family groups; vocal solos; piano, flute, chello, guitar, organ, and/or a trumbone special.  Age doesn't seem to matter as many of our youth also minister  to us through the medium of music.

David McKeith is our music and choir director.  David is a music teacher and band director in a local high school.  It is probably fair to say that music is his life.  He is multi-talented and makes music enjoyable.  

The choir consists of approximately 20-30 members. At least twice per year, they present a choral cantata, usually at Easter and Christmas.  These productions are awesome and always a blessing.

Our philosophy of music is not complicated.  Factoryville Bible takes a conservative approach to music.  Special musical numbers are designed to bring glory to God, not the performer.  The songs that are shared, have touched the hearts of the musicians, and they are now sharing them with the congregation in hope that the song will also be a blessing to the hearers.  The special music is designed to be worship, not entertainment.  It is designed to prepare the hearts of the hearers for the Biblical message to follow.