We have Sunday School classes for every age group, Nursery through Senior Saints. The Sunday School "hour" lasts approximately 45 minutes, from 11:30 till 12:15. This is a perfect opportunity to gain additional study of God's Word in a smaller setting. Each teacher is well-prepared to present Bible truths in an easy-to-understand format. There is opportunity for questions and class discussion. Sunday School also enables a person to get to know fellow church members better. Since you are already here for the worship service...why not stay for Sunday School and enjoy an extended time studying God's Word?

Classes and Teachers

Nursery-Pre-School--Debbie Russell

Kindergarten-First--Linda Sexton; Mary Jo Smith; Alice Cross

Second-Fifth (Primary/Junior) Girls--Mary Homan

Seond-Third (Primary)Boys--Dave Mowry

Fourth-Fifth (Junior)Boys--Jim Jones

Sixth-Eighth (Junior High) Boys--Jacob Russell

Sixth-Eighth (Junior High) Girls--Carmen Fuller

Ninth-Twelfth (Senior High)--Andrew Grandlinard

College and Career--Dan Moore 

Tweeners(approx.20-50 years)--Kevin Waterstradt

Middies(approx.50-70 years)--Larry Walman

Senior Saints--Pastor Goebert