Word Of Life Clubs


Factoryville Bible Church is the home of Michigan's first Word Of Life club.  Chuck and Mary Ann Nightingale were instrumental in starting that first club.  Word of Life is our Wednesday night youth ministry designed for 7th through 12th graders.  The program begins at 7:00 PM and concludes at 8:30 PM.  The program operates year round except for the month of June.  The program begins each night with a fun game for the teens, a praise and worship time, followed by a topical Bible lesson and DIA groups.  The "DIA" (discipleship in action) groups are small discussion groups.  The teens have opportunity to share with their leaders about their "quiet time" or about the issues and concerns of their daily lives.  Each leader has a love and concern for the spiritual health and well-being of each young person. 

Each young person is encouraged to be involved with a daily "Quiet Time".  The teen is encouraged by a Quiet Time Dairy.  This book provides a daily resource which includes a short Biblical reference, and practical Christian instruction for daily life. 

The teens are also encouraged to participate in Christian service activities.  Some of these activities include:  Nursing Home visitation; Rescue Mission ministry; leaf raking and yard work for senior saints; and local church ministries.  There is plenty of time for youth socials and fellowship times.

Many of our teens also learn valuable ministry skills at Word of Life. Some ministry skills they can practice at Word of Life include singing solos, singing in groups, playing an instrument preaching, puppets, dramas, and many more.

The most recent event for the teens was the REIGNITE event in August. Our youth group along with three youth groups from other churches met at Camp Elvin for this event. The purpose of this event was to give our youth and the youth from the churches that participated a chance to fellowship with one another and further grow in their faith in Jesus Christ.

Rob and Laurie Belson are currently our Word Of Life Club directors.